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Road Reclamation - Avalon, California

Road Reclamation - Avalon, California

Project Description: Lithic polymer technology was used in a pilot project on Santa Catalina Island to demonstrate the effectiveness of using a low cost, eco-safe liquid polymer soil stabilizer to improve road quality and reduce dust generation. The island’s main road serves as the primary transit route between Avalon and the airport and includes unpaved and partially asphalted sections. The asphalted sections were badly deteriorated and potholed while the unpaved sections were heavily rutted creating poor ride quality and significant dust generation for the island’s residents and tourists during the summer months.

Project Objectives: All construction materials proposed for the road reclamation work were required to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic to the islands unique fauna and flora. Terratech polymer technology was selected as the only construction method which met the design constraints and required performance criteria. Three, one mile long sections of road were treated to demonstrate the durability and performance of the polymer as a dust suppressant and a low-cost sustainable alternative to standard road construction.


Equipment Used: Road Reclaimer, Blade, Vibratory Compactor, Pneumatic Rubber Tire Compactor, Fork Lift, Water Truck.


Application Specifications: Two, one mile sections of road received a 4 in. deep infused application at a polymer rate of 25 ft2/gal and a topical seal coat application of 100 ft2/gal. A third, one mile section of road, which was in a relatively good condition, received only a topical application at a rate of 100 ft2/gal.


Maintenance Requirements: The anticipated maintenance for polymer-improved road sections based on road use and vehicle traffic, includes annual topical application of the seal coat.

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