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An Affordable & Durable
Road Stabilization Solution

Extend the life of your roads on a budget, tailored for the specific needs of energy companies, spanning solar, wind, and traditional oil and gas sectors.


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Features and Benefits

Proven Durability



T-PRO® 550 excels at increasing compressive strength up to 7x, ensuring durable support for heavy equipment in energy, civil engineering, and commercial projects.

Affordable Road Solution


Multi-Material Applications

Lithic polymers effectively stabilize various soils and aggregates, globally proven in diverse climates and traffic conditions, boasting a 16-year track record of success.


Food-safe and FDA-approved


Water Resistance

In heavy rains, T-PRO® 550 maintains base integrity or stability, keeping roads intact and chemical-free, crucial for environmental maintainence in energy installations.


Proven Durability



T-PRO® 550 boasts not only user satisfaction but also reliability proven by governmental and academic laboratories, meeting the rigorous standards of the energy sector.


Affordable Road Solution



The polymer’s environmental stability ensures no contamination concerns, making it ideal for energy projects where adherence to health and safety standards is paramount.


Food-safe and FDA-approved


Green Alternative

With a polymer coating, not only are your roads durable, the impact on the climate and environment is fractional compared to other treatments.


With you from start to finish

Expert Support, Step-By-Step

Initial Call
Analyze Soil &
Quantify Polymer
Initial Application
Final Sealing

The product as a whole has performed well. The only failure we have on these shoulders is right against the asphalt; the material has become loose from vehicle drift. These areas of failure are about a foot wide and vary in length from ten to one hundred meters long. These failures, in my opinion, are a cause of the freeze-thaw that we create from salting, the water runs off the road top, then through the seam along the asphalt under the T-PRO® 550 and pops the material upwards, causing a failure. This same procedure happens with our asphalt roadtop in the same fashion. The rest of the T-PRO® 550 application of the 2.5 meters wide that we did is quite hard, giving us the confidence to run our snow plows and wings on the shoulder without too much fear of digging in. 

This product in my opinion has great potential to be used as a stabilizer in all kinds of applications.




Laurence Knackstedt, Supervisor of Operations
Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure
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