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Marl Soil Stabilization - Tubil, Bahrain

Marl Soil Stabilization - Tubil, Bahrain

Project Description: Lithic Industries used T-PRO® 550 to improve road conditions on an industrial road.

Project Objectives: An industrial area in Bahrain was rendered impassable during wet weather. A section of the road was selected to evaluate polymer road stabilization using marl and sand materials. The road base material used for construction was a 3:1 mixture of sand and marl, a locally imported calcium carbonate deposit. The engineering properties of marl are better than sand, marl is typically blended with sand to create structural road base material, however marl looses much of its physical strength when wet and requires stabilization to maintain bearing capacity and hardness. Terratech T-PRO® 550 was infused with base materials creating a water resistant, wear course surface with excellent strength and resistance to surface deformation.


Equipment Used: Grader, Tractor with a PTO Driven Tiller, Water Truck with Hose Attachment, 10-ton Single Drum Vibrating Compactor


Application Specifications: Infused application with 1.25% polymer concentration and a topical seal coat at a rate of 120 ft2/gal.


Maintenance Requirements: Removal of loose material on the surface and a light topical re-application of polymer, on a typical 12 – 18 month cycle.

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Marl Soil Stabilization - Tubil, Bahrain

Project Description:Lithic Industries used T-PRO®550 to improve road conditions on an industrial...