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Environmental Solutions for Soil Stabilization & Dust Control

Practice intelligent stewardship with polymer that’s made for unpaved roads and has proven environmental benefits.


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Proven Durability


Proven Durability for Energy Infrastructure Service Roads

Lithic Industries’ fit-for-purpose polymer keeps your roads intact with benign impact on the environment.


Affordable Road Solution


Affordable Road Solution for Municipalities

Municipalities trust Lithic Industries polymer treatment as a viable alternative to costly re-pavements and as a lasting application for unpaved roads.


Food-safe and FDA-approved


Food-safe and FDA-approved for Farms, Vineyards, and Ranches

Our application-specific polymer is carbon neutral without compromising on performance, even in the wettest of climates.



Not all polymers are created equal.

Lithic Industries’ innovative polymer is engineered for specific use in maintaining gravel, dirt, RAP, and weathered roads.


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T-PRO® 550 is a proven road polymer validated by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute for real-world applications. This established solution offers versatility in:

Asphalt Refresh: Renew existing asphalt.

Temporary Construction Roads: Build and dismantle with ease.

Energy Sector: Ideal for wind, solar, and oil/gas projects.

Agriculture: Stabilize berms, tanks, and access roads.

General Soil Stabilization: Combat erosion effectively.

Hydroseeding and Slope Erosion Control: Tackle challenges seamlessly.

Our road polymer takes a bold step towards sustainability, boasting a carbon-neutral profile and undergoing rigorous testing to ensure a minimal environmental footprint. Embrace a solution where innovation meets eco-consciousness. Explore the eco-conscious features of our road polymer:

Carbon Neutral: Committed to carbon neutrality for environmental responsibility.

Low Environmental Impact Testing: Rigorous testing confirms a low environmental impact, setting a new standard for eco-friendly roads.

Preservation of Normal Flora: Rest easy knowing our polymer preserves flora, fostering environmental harmony.

Semi-Permeable Nature: Embrace a semi-permeable polymer, allowing natural water flow for ecological balance.

No Leeching: Our polymer stands as a testament to responsible engineering, creating no leeching for ecosystem protection.

T-PRO® 550 is meticulously crafted for soil and aggregate material, offering unparalleled stability and effective dust control. 

Tailored for Soil/Aggregate Material: Our polymer is purposefully designed to enhance the structural integrity of roads by significantly increasing the engineering properties of aggregate.

Unrivaled Stability: With increased durability, our polymer fortifies soil and aggregate structures, providing effective dust palliation to bid farewell to dust-related concerns.

With you from start to finish

Expert Support, Step-By-Step

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Quantify Polymer
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Final Sealing

As an “A” Licensed General Engineering Contractor, I had the opportunity to build some projects domestically and internationally using the T-PRO® line of products.  The product is amazing!  It is a product easily applied, and the performance was nothing short of a surprise.  I recently visited a site near our office in Southern California where we did an application several years ago; the surface was still intact and performing better than I could have imagined, considering what asphalt or concrete would have cost.  It was a parking lot that gets consistent traffic 7 days a week, sometimes full-size buses, and it still looked like concrete.  We literally applied the product with a 500 gallon water trailer, mixed it with a skid steer with a rotary attachment, graded it with a mid size motor grader, and compacted it with a vibratory double drum roller.




Gerald Russell, Owner/President
Advantage Grading & Engineering, Inc.
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Why Lithic?

Lithic Industries thrives on the challenges of polymer-based soil stabilization projects, where success relies on polymer chemistry and soil geotechnics. Our Total Earth Solution integrates product, technology, training, and ongoing project monitoring, ensuring a comprehensive approach. This technology offers efficient alternatives to current methods, enabling rapid, cost-effective, and easily applied infrastructure improvements.

Lithic employs advanced polymer emulsions tailored to exceed customer and project needs. Our green, sustainable products offer temporary or permanent solutions to diverse soil and aggregated stabilization.


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Superior Customer Service
Socially Conscious
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